Humvee Snow Cleaner

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Humvee Snow Cleaner is one of the typologies of car driving games. The player is an off-road vehicle driver who has to clear a snowy road. The driver will have to perform different missions to clean roads, for cars, for planes. Snow will have to be folded to a point specially designed for this. This point will be highlighted on the map. This game is for people over 6 years old who are interested in driving simulation. The mode available in the game is single player.

The main objective in this game is for the player to clear a snowy road within the time shown at the top of the screen. The win condition is met when the goal of this game is reached. The loss condition occurs when the driver does not clear the snowy road in time.
For PC:
The basic controls are similar to other games of this type, W button to move forward, S button to move backward, A button to turn left, D button to turn right, space button for handbrake.
For Android/IOS:
The left arrow button is for left turn, the right arrow button is for right turn, the smaller pedal button is for braking and reverse, the big pedal button is for accelerating.



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