Huggy Wuggy kick

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Kick the Huggy — this is a large set of weapons, fun game physics and new toys from the horror story!

— Fighting and shooter mixed together!

— The arsenal is large, you can use melee weapons (knife, sword, ax) and laser guns together (auto smg, machine gun, sniper rifle, laser gun).

— Almost every suit (skin) can be used without passing levels (mods are not needed)!

— Guns and melee weapons can be bought in the store at any level!

— Bonus (gold) can be picked up in the store. It helps you buy expensive guns and suits, so fast leveling is guaranteed!

Instead of horror mechanics (where the monster girl Kissy Missy loves to attack, and the main character tries to run away), there is complete freedom of action, no need to feel fear and play hide and seek!

Сlick Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy or other toy to hit and earn some gold coins!

Update coming soon! New skins and weapons will be added: fnaf doll, neighbor, pro, steve, fnf heroes, noob, imposter, hacker and racing cars!

Computer mouse/touch screen.

To hit Huggy, click on him with the mouse or press directly on him on the touch screen.



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