Huggy Granny: Scary Horror

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Scary huggy grandpa come back with Scary mod Games for you who loves granny horror games 2022.

Scary wuggy has locked you in psycho granny escape house and you have to leave it. But be quiet, silent and careful. Look for items around the house, open locks. But not everything is so simple - huggy horror granny is watching you everywhere and your every evil step - one wrong move and you will be knocked out by fat scary guy.

Wuggy granny hears everything in this haunted shadowy house of evil monster. You can hide under the monster beds and you have 2 days to escape. Huggy Grannie: Horror Game - The Horror Game of 2022 is the latest hello version of granny mods game with new features, beautiful graphics and scary sound

WASD - movement
E - use
G - drop an item
C - crouch/stand up
Q - get out of cover
ESC - pause

Look for items and use them to open the main door to escape.



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