Huggy Draw Challenge

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Huggy Wuggy challenges you to an incredible drawing challenge!

Challenge him in a unique game with many colorful levels and have time to draw all the pictures faster than him. In this coloring game you will meet many famous characters in the form of bright pictures for drawing - heroes from Maincraft, Hulk, Batman, Pokemon and many others.

The game is a puzzle game where you need to draw a picture faster than Huggy. To do this, you can interfere with Huggy, sketch his drawing with the wrong colors, spoil his picture, because the same thing will be done by him.

Main features of the game:
- Lots of colorful levels with drawings that you have to draw;
- Fascinating logic puzzle;
- Hinting System;
- Funny dialogues with Huggy, who always gets angry when he loses

The game is controlled by mouse clicks or taps on the smartphone screen.

Your task in the game is to draw a given picture faster than Huggy does. Remember that all means are good to win, even the meanest - interfere with Huggy, sketch his picture in the wrong colors, spoil his picture, because he will do the same.

In case of difficulty, you can always take a free hint (the light bulb icon in the upper right corner), it will indicate which of the blocks of the picture are painted with the wrong color.



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