Happy Slushie

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The Happy Slushie puzzle will save you from the heat and boredom! In this game, you have to fill a glass with a cocktail by drawing lines.
- Funny quotes.
- Addictive gameplay with drawing. Draw whatever you want!
- More than 30 challenging levels in each location. There are 120 levels in total.
- Different locations: shopping center, house, school and park
Earn 3 stars for each completed level.
- Positive atmosphere
This game will appeal to fans of Happy Glass.
Fill a glass with frozen juice. By drawing lines and shapes with the mouse or gestures, make a path for the juice to reach the glass.
Everything you draw turns into real objects.
Come up with your own solution.
The fewer lines you need, the more stars you will get. Choose any location: home, shopping center, school, or park.
Let your imagination run wild!




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