Guess the character from the anime

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Is an exciting game for those who love anime and manga. In the game, players are shown a picture with a character from a popular anime, and the player must guess who this character is.
The questions in the quiz can be of varying complexity, which will require knowledge and attentiveness from the player. All the characters are known and popular with many anime fans, so the game will be interesting for a wide range of players.
The quiz will allow players to test their knowledge of anime and manga, as well as enjoy colorful images of their favorite characters. The game can be useful both for those who are just starting to get acquainted with Japanese culture, and for experienced anime fans who want to learn more about their favorite characters.
Players can play a quiz on anime characters alone or invite their friends to compare their knowledge and find real anime fans. This game is interesting and exciting not only for younger generations, but also for all fans of anime and manga.

How to play this game:

Step 1: View the picture of the character and try to guess who it is using your knowledge of anime and manga.

Step 2: If you can't guess the character, you can choose a hint in the game menu.

Step 3: After each picture, the app will show if you answered the question correctly.

Step 4: Play until you reach the end of the character list.

Enjoy the game and increase your level of knowledge about anime.



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