Grimace Shake Shooter: Destroy Them All!

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Dive into the world of atmospheric horror with Grimace Shake Shooter: Destroy Them All!. You are a desperate hero, locked in the darkness of a fear-stricken city. The task is to clear it from Grimace Sheiks and collect their energy in order to stop their sinister invasion. You have to use all kinds of weapons that can be found on the streets.

The city, mired in darkness, creates an incredible atmosphere of fear and anxiety. Sneak up on enemies from the shadows, position yourself strategically and don't let Grimace Shakes get you. Can you defeat evil and bring light back to this gloomy world?

Player movement - WASD keys
Run - Shift + WASD keys
Shoot - left mouse button
Throw grenade - G key
Jump - space bar
Crouch - CTRL key
Reload - R key
Pause - TAB key



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