Grimace Shake: Episode One

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Grimace Shake: Episode One is a game about the popular monster from TikTok.

You descend into the sewer to check the generators, but in the darkness, you hear the creepy song of Grimas Shake. Cocktails are scattered everywhere, and the generators are not working. In this eerie atmosphere, you must collect cocktails and refuel the non-functioning generators. But be careful, Grimas Shake is already on your trail!

The game features three locations:

- Sewer
- Forest
- "McDak" Restaurant

There are three difficulty levels in the game:

- Easy
- Medium
- Hard

Complete the location on all difficulty levels to unlock the next one!

PC Controls:

W - Walk
Mouse - Look Around
E - Interact
Shift - Run
Space - Jump
Menu/Pause - P
Tab - Hint

Phone Controls:

Joystick (not fully pressed) - Walk
Joystick (fully pressed) - Run
Swipe on the screen - Look Around
Up arrow button on the screen - Jump
"E" button on the screen - Interact
"?" button on the screen - Hint
"Pause" button - Menu/Pause

Game Objective:

1. You need to collect all the "Grimace Shake" items.

2. After collecting the "Grimace Shake" items, fuel canisters will appear. You need to collect them (you can carry only one canister at a time) and refuel the generators that are burning with a red flame.

3. Once you refuel all the generators, they will turn green, and then you should proceed to the exit.



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