Grandpa Super Runner

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If you are looking for a game with an awesome and exciting gameplay, then choose "Grandpa Super Runner" - this is a hyper casual runner that will amaze you with its dynamics and diversity. This is a great workout for the brain and body!

Become taller, become wider, this is your main task in the game. You can grow as tall and wide as you can by picking up bonuses like gates and coins. But be careful, there will be dangerous obstacles on your way that will interfere with you.

"Grandpa Super Runner" is a game that requires you to have all the ability to make decisions quickly and react to changes in the environment. And only the bravest and most skillful will be able to achieve the goal, collect all the coins and open all the new caps. So, join the free game without registration "Grandpa Super Runner" and prove that you are a real hero!

Grandpa is running down the road. The player moves his finger across the screen (for PC with the mouse with the left button pressed) and directs it to the left and right sides.

The main task in the game is to make Grandpa big enough so that he can run the finish obstacle course.

Collect blue gates for growth. Avoid the red gates and bombs, otherwise they will reduce you.

Collect coins, for them you can buy permanent improvements before the start.



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