Ghost Walker

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Ghost Walker is a game about a ninja who is out to hunt for reputable bandit leaders. This game will amaze you with cool ninja controls in Slow Motion and dynamism.

Your main task is to destroy the bosses. And whether you will kill their entire team while you make your way to them, or go without bloodshed, is up to you.

In this game, you will fully feel like an unsurpassed, elusive, super-dexterous, and strong master of melee weapons.

Key features of the game:
- Dynamic battles in Slow Motion
- Lots of weapons
- Cool assassin skins to choose from
- Lots of bosses and enemies

Try to experience this incredible feeling of elusiveness yourself, defeat all the bandits without a single scratch, and become a legend.

The controls in this game are very simple!
On the computer: Hold the cursor on the screen and move in the direction you want to move.
On mobile: Touch the screen and swipe in the direction you want to move.



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