Game of Farmers

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Become the world's most successful farmer! Build your dream farm and get rich doing virtually nothing!

Dream Farm features:
✓ Automate the build-up process and earn money even when you are not playing.
✓ Earn passive income even when you are offline.
✓ Compile your unique collection of animals and plants.
✓ Open magic chests and get awesome rewards.
✓ Call for rain and your profit will double every second.
✓ Sell crops and get magic seeds.
✓ Buy boosts for your plantings – your crop will grow at a cosmic speed.
✓ Play wherever and whenever it suits you! The game does not require an internet connection!

Play the game! Relax and watch money flowing into your account!

Plant and grow crops. Drive to the market and earn billions of coins. Open chests and collect a collection of new plants and animals. Use magic seeds to buy upgrades. Complete tasks and level up.



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