Funny Rocket Jumping 2

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In Funny Rocket Jumping 2 your main goal is to Survive as long as possible, while destroying Crowds of enemies.
A unique movement system based on constant Rocket Jumps and Bounces will allow you to take any position to shoot the devils.

Unusual enemies with complex intelligence and interesting procedural animations.

Three ultimative abilities to help you take out crowds of foes!

Compete with your friends and people from all over the world to see who can score the biggest record!

The only goal in the game is to survive. Kill your enemies with rocket shots and use the abilities for gems that are dropped from your enemies.
For more efficient movement, shoot missiles underneath you - it will noticeably accelerate you and allow you to climb higher!

Move with the wasd, spacebar for jump, left mouse button for shot, zxc for abilities.



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