Free mahjong

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Free mahjong will let you enjoy the classic board game invented thousands of years ago in China. Especially for you, we have created a hundred interesting levels that will help you pass the time and spend it with maximum pleasure.

Clear the playing field by selecting the same unblocked chips with the mouse cursor or your finger.

If you find it difficult to find a suitable pair, you can always use one of two types of bonuses.

The hint will show one random pair on the playing field, which you can immediately remove.

Shuffling uses all the chips on the table and swaps them, creating a completely new combination.

In addition, the game itself will shuffle the chips on the table if there is not a single pair left on it, available for removal by the player.

Any of the levels can be completed without hints, but no one will judge you for using them, the main thing is that you get the most out of the game :)



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