Free Birds

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Free Birds is a casual puzzle game for the whole family. Play in either of two modes: level or free mode. 30 fascinating levels with different sublevels will not let you get bored. Nice music and minimalistic nature theme. Take your best shot across the rope! Save the bird from the cage!

The birds are locked in cages and you must use your bow and arrow to free them. Using your marksmanship and arrow strength, you must shoot at the rope on which the cage is suspended. The level is complete when all the birds are free. For each unsuccessful shot you lose one life. The game will continue as long as you have a life. Use the additional arrows to move through the levels.
To shoot, hold down the left mouse button or touch your finger to the phone screen, move the cursor or your finger across the playing field until the bowstring is tensioned.
Be guided by the color of the bowstring. Yellow indicates low bowstring tension, red indicates high tension.
Shoot the bowstring or extra arrows on the level.
Release all birds to freedom.
Have fun playing the game!



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