Four Kingdoms Defense

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Our game is an exciting 3D strategy in the genre of Tower Defense, in which you have to defend your fortress from enemy attacks.
Choose one of 4 fractions, each of which has its own unique heroes!
The game has 15 levels divided into 3 locations.
Complete everything and you will get an achievement and a new fraction to choose from!

The peculiarity of the game is that the heroes can be put not only on the battlefield, but also directly on the road, blocking the path of enemies. This significantly expands the range of possible strategies for passing. A super attack will help in difficult moments, causing damage to all enemies on the map.
Upgrade your heroes for the coins received for the killed enemies.
Speaking of monsters. They all have different damage, speed and health parameters. Some enemies have immunity to normal attacks or the ability to pass through obstacles. Find your approach to each enemy and don't let him get to the tower!

The mouse is used to interact in the game.

The goal of the game is to prevent the enemies from reaching the fortress. The fortress has 1000 health points, and every enemy who gets to the tower will take them away until they die or destroy the tower. The game will end in defeat when the tower's health drops to 0. If all enemies are defeated, victory.

To select a hero, click on his icon, and then place him in an accessible place.
To upgrade or sell a unit, click on it on the playing field, and then select the desired action. The sale of a unit, as well as the destruction of an enemy, replenish the balance. With the coins you earn, you can buy new units or upgrade them. Each fraction has 1 unique hero. You can put such a hero on the field no more than 1 time per minute. Super attack also has a rollback.

The game initially has 1 faction and 1 level open. New fractions can be opened by completing all levels for a fraction or by buying them.



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