Flacks - Water Sort Puzzle

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Flacks is a puzzle game with exciting and fun levels. Solve the puzzle of sorting colored liquids. Try combining a liquid of the same color in one of the flasks. A challenging, exciting and relaxing brain training game!

- Easy operation;
- More than 1000 unique levels with an exciting and fun passage;
- Beautiful graphics;
- There are no time limits, play to your rhythm;
- It is not possible to lose;
- Different difficulty levels;

- Press the LMB on any container, then on any other to pour water.
- The rule is that you can only pour liquid if the top layer of water in the glass is the same color and there is enough space in the glass.
- Don't be afraid to play - if you come across a difficult level, you can always restart it and another puzzle that you haven't solved yet will appear.



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