Find differences: Secrets of the Sea!

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The game "Find differences: Secrets of the Sea!" is a FREE puzzle game where you have to find 10 differences between two pictures.
Spot the differences suitable for children and adults - this is a SIMPLE game with a user-friendly interface!
Play puzzle game and unlock all levels!

The game "Find differences: Secrets of the Sea!" helps:
- develop attention, concentration
- improve visual perception
- train the speed of thinking
- develop short-term memory

Move the menu with swipe, select the level.
Complete levels to unlock new ones!

Find 10 differences between two pictures and click on each one.

Choose a level in the menu. Now look for 10 differences between the pictures - if you find it - click on it! If you can't find it for a long time, click on the hint button in the upper right corner!

Be careful and don't click everywhere - you only have three misses to miss, otherwise you'll have to start the level all over again.

How do you do it - go to the next level!



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