Fast drive: Max speed

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Hello car enthusiast! Ready for a constant auto-adventure?
Get used to the device, here you tested yourself and showed that you really rummage in this topic.
Put the gas pedal to the stop and put the speedometer needle, disperse in the stream of cars and show everyone that you are a real driving master!
Unreal checkers in the stream are waiting for you, the higher the speed - the more bonus points you plan to earn.

Don't forget to earn coins during the race to buy yourself a cool car. Choose the one that reflects your style and tune it to perfection. Upgrade your car to become the fastest driving master.

Don't forget to pick up various bonuses on the track. The nitro booster will help you break speed records, the magnet will attract all the coins to you, and the coins themselves are an opportunity to earn extra points.

1. Choose a car
2. Click on the "Play" button
3. Choose a mode
Be fast and careful if you crash into a car and the game will end. The higher the speed - the more coins you earn.

Controls: WASD or arrows, you can also control the mouse or finger (a stick appears)



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