Far Orion: New worlds

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The year is 2121. Technology has advanced far beyond the bounds of our wildest fantasies, but great progress demands great sacrifice...
Explore other worlds in the search for treasure and limitless power!
Command a team of brave heroes and lead your world to victory!

Game features:
- several dozen unique heroes and battle cards
- dozens of missions on every world
- no irritating ads
- PvP arena
- tower mode
- clans and clan wars

Gather a squad of heroes and a deck of cards and complete missions.
Use the money you receive to unlock new heroes and upgrade your cards.

Which heroes should I take into battle?
- those that complement each other and are stronger together, like a healer and a tank.

What cards should I fight with?
- those that can strengthen your squad of heroes, or basic cards for healing and damage to enemies

How do I earn gold?
- by completing missions and daily quests, and fighting in the tower and the arena



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