Fancy Blast

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Help! In our fairy tale forest everything is mixed up :( We really need people who like games where you have to think, and help us put together all the pieces of magic puzzles, enjoying the homes of everyone's favorite fairy tale characters. Collect flowers for Grandma Red Riding Hood's garden, rescue the Snow Queen from the edge of permafrost, fix Peter Pan's ship! Thousands of levels await you for the smartest players!

New Three-in-a-row experience.
Fancy Blast surpasses any standard 3-in-a-row puzzle game by keeping all the elements that give us fun: splashes of color and moving tiles, and we've also added a magic owl that gives you gems, and colorful explosions when you collect more than 3 blocks! Help flowers bloom next to cells of the same color, break the ice many times, and blow your way out through a magical world!

Download now and enjoy your new adventure in the magical world of the fabulous puzzle game Three in a Row!

Collect buttons of the same color in a row to complete the tasks in the levels! Complete levels and unlock new chapters! You can also use boosters and bonuses to successfully complete levels!
Use mouse to play with PC, touch for mobile devices.



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