Endless synchronized turns

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In the game Endless synchronized turns, your reaction and attention will be above all! You have the opportunity to become a true master of turns. The object moves up and down the straight path, but it's important to seize the moment and tap the screen at exactly the moment when the object is about to turn. Your task is to accurately synchronize your click with the moment of rotation in order to go to the next path. Confidence and good coordination will help you reach new records and become the most agile Endless Turns player!

Purpose of the game: Your task is to synchronize your click with the moment of turning and go as far as possible. One point is awarded for each turn completed.

Control is done by clicking (LMB/FINGER) on the screen.

Object movement: The object will move up and down a straight path, passing near turns.

Click timing: It is important to catch the moment and click on the screen at the exact moment when the object is on the turn.



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