Emoji Color Ball Sort

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A fascinating puzzle game about sorting emoji balls, which will make your brain relax and calm down.

The interface of the game is very simple and easy to understand for all ages, you just need to choose balls and move them into empty cups, so that each cup is filled with emoji balls of the same color.

The game is completely undemanding to the resources of your device and can be easily run on any phones, tablets, computers and even TVs!

Advantages of this puzzle game about sorting colored balls in cups:
- Infinite number of levels. Check which level you can reach!
- Brightly colored emoji balls, nice animations, graphics and sounds
- No penalties and no time limit

Sort the balls every day and spend your time with benefit. Scientists have proven that constantly solving puzzles allows you to develop your brain at an early age and slow down its aging in adulthood. Show this marvelous game to your children and parents, it would be my pleasure!

The game is controlled by clicks/taps/buttons on the TV remote.

- Click on a cup to select a ball
- Select and click on another cup to put a ball in it
- Collect balls of the same color in each cup to win

Sounds simple, doesn't it?



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