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This Sand ball game is a physics game that need your attention, keep an eye on slopes, heights and the speed of your ball riding on the mountains, these sand are not simple, the higher you jump, it would be difficult to land. So play smooth, smoother the jump, smoother the land is. This attention-grabbing game will relish you.

This sand game is unique and not like any other game, it's an interesting and fun game challenging your intelligence and knowledge of math and physics.

Jump the ball over the sandy dunes!

Objective: Jump the ball above the line to score and avoid crashing on the mountain during landing

- Win: Get a higher score and coins as much as possible by moving smoothly without crashing on the mountain
- Loss: The ball doesn’t land smoothly and gets crashed on the mountain

You will face hill high challenges in this sand ball game, keep in mind the height of hills and landing slopes in this desert. Sand ball game challenges your brain, in a fun and entertaining way through an endless track of desert sand.

Can you make it?



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