Drift race: survival

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Smartphone or tablet: screen buttons

PC: arrows (up ↑, down ↓, right →, left ←).

Choose the best vehicle to complete the perfect lap and set the record for maximum points for fast speed drift.

All vehicles (blue and red supercar and sports car, police car and tank) are available even for beginners. A dedicated racing track will allow you to enter a smooth slide when the optimum speed is reached.

It is better to slow down a little if there is a sharp turn ahead, because this will improve handling.

Do not stop for a long time, because each race is limited by a timer, time is too valuable resource, besides the ring track is under protection, a powerful tank will try to slow down the passage of the race.

On the track there is a large number of bonuses for each of which additional points are awarded.

Improving your driving skills will become more interesting if you change cars from time to time.

Optimization of all cars for drift mode, the best help in the race.




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