Draw wheels!

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"Draw wheels!" - an exciting game for fans of creativity and racing! In this game, you will need to draw wheels for your car and complete all levels filled with various obstacles.

Each drawn wheel will affect the car's handling. This means that you need to consider every detail of the wheel to complete the level faster and safer.

Use your creative abilities to create wheels of any shape and size. Don't limit yourself and show your talent in drawing!

It's not just a game of speed and agility, but also of imagination. Approach wheel drawing with full responsibility and create real wheel masterpieces!

The game guarantees an exciting pastime and won't leave you indifferent! Prove that you're the fastest and most creative player!

Computer Controls:
W, A, S, D - control the car
Camera - drag with mouse button held down

Mobile Controls:
Tap on the touch game buttons on the screen
Camera - swipe across the top of the screen with your finger



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