Draw Road

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"Draw Road" is an exciting game in which you have to help a car get to its target point by drawing a line through dangerous parts of the road. You will encounter various obstacles such as mountains, rivers, other cars and more. You need to make your way in such a way that the car doesn't crash into obstacles or collide with other cars. Each level becomes more and more difficult, so you'll have to show all your skills and logical thinking to successfully pass the game!

How to play Draw Road:

Start the game by choosing the first level. You'll see a car and a target point to get it to.

Using the mouse or your finger on the touch screen, draw a line from the car to the target point. The path must be such that the car doesn't hit any obstacles along the way.

Move the mouse or your finger to draw the line, and release the mouse or finger button when the line reaches the target point.

If your path was correct, the car will follow the line to the target point and you will move on to the next level.

If the car collides with an obstacle or crashes into another car, the game will end and you will return to the previous level.

Continue through the levels, improving your skills and becoming a better and better player!

Good luck in the game "Draw Road"!



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