Draw Bridge 3D

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Use your imagination and draw a bridge to help the car get to safety. Touch and drag the screen to make room for the bridge. Be careful! You can only draw one line.
Drive up to the road, draw the path and guide the car to reach the goal in free bridge puzzle games.
Create a path for your car to cross the road in the car bridge puzzle. Show your skills by drawing and solving puzzles. Make sure your line is drawn accurately in new free puzzle games.
What are you waiting for without downloading Draw Bridge 3D, draw a bridge and race right on your mobile device. Drawing and racing puzzle game will help you develop your imagination, train your brain and learn how to better deal with situations.

Build the famous bridge you like!
Let's dive into the game and build the craziest bridge in the world

What are you waiting for, download Draw Bridge 3D game offline!

-Help! My car can't move to the other side! If only there was a bridge.
-To become a good bridge builder, you just need to swipe with one finger to draw a bridge that is stable enough for the car to reach the flags. You can only draw a bridge in one line, so make sure safety comes first.
-Draw to evolve, move, build, draw a bridge line using your finger over open areas to cross the road, draw a bridge and draw smart car bridge puzzle games.



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