Draw and Catch

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Draw and Catch is a fascinating endless puzzle game in which you have to help the ball hit the basket using your line drawing skills.

Each level differs from the previous one in its difficulty and speed, the higher you score the harder will be the next level, after a few levels there will be bombs - Beware of them!

● Game Features:
- Endless gameplay;
- Increasing difficulty of levels;
- Ability to customize the ball and the color of the lines;
- Simple and intuitive controls;
- Pleasant and calm music;

Play for free. Try to score as many points as possible and get on the leaderboard!

To pass the level you need to draw lines so that the ball hits the basket.

- The number of possible lines drawn is limited, you can only draw 3 lines in total;

You should draw lines on mobile devices by touching, and on the computer by using the mouse.



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