Dragon Planet

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It's time to get the dragon eggs out of the underground! Take your shovel in your hands and remove the eggs from under the ground.

Wash the dragon eggs, which are covered with dust, weigh them and leave them to incubate. Use the ultrasound device to check the inside of the egg. Remove the dragon inside by breaking the dragon egg that has grown enough. Take care of the dragon that has just arrived on Earth. Clean it, check its health. Cure his illness and make his first vaccination. Collect fruits to feed the dragon. Feed the dragon the fruits you have collected.

In total, there are 20 different dragon eggs on 20 different planets. Unlock all the planets and meet different dragons from each other.

You can use the left mouse click to play this game on your computer.

If you want to play on your mobile devices, you can play by dragging objects, touching the touch screen.



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