Dr. Livesey: Fight them off!

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Dr. Livesey's treasure map has been stolen by malicious pirates. Dr. Livesey, Jim Hawkins and Trelawney are on their way through the dangerous jungle! Your task is to help them! Protect them while they make their difficult way!
To do this, you need:
- Shoot evil monsters and inhabitants of the Treasure Island jungle!
-Upgrade weapons and buy new ones!
-Use magic potions and elixirs!
-Improve the health of our heroes!
Features of this game:
-Beautiful 2D graphics featuring your favorite characters!
-Bright and dynamic gameplay!
-A storyline with replicas of heroes!
It is worth telling more about your weapons and capabilities. You will have the opportunity to purchase 4 types of weapons: pirate saber, bow, blunderbuss, musket! You can treat the Doctor's health with a special potion or protect him with a shield from evil enemies! If you like pirate themes, then this game is just for you! This is a wonderful game about pirates and their adventures, which will not leave you indifferent!

Play with the mouse, beat off evil monsters with clicks. In the menu, go to "equipment" and improve the characteristics of the heroes.
Control: Left mouse button



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