DOP: Delete One Part

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In the game you need to solve logic problems. Use your skills and abilities to solve these tricky riddles. You'll be the smartest if you use logic.

Guess what the wife is hiding from her husband? How to defeat a turtle? How to win at tic-tac-toe? How to scare a girl?

All these questions, as well as a lot of interesting ones, you will need to answer in our game! But use logic, otherwise the game will outsmart you. All these tricky puzzles will help you develop your brain and become the smartest.

Caution! This game has tricky riddles. Are you really the smartest to be able to solve them?

Then let's get into the game soon!

- there are many levels in the game

- each level asks you a tricky riddle that you have to answer

- - you need to erase the extra details in the level with a swipe or touchpad on the computer

- by erasing an extra detail, you seem to be answering a puzzle question

- complete all the puzzles and prove that you are the smartest!



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