Doggies - Coloring

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Coloring book for children with cute dogs. The coloring page contains 15 pictures with funny dogs of different breeds. Colored pictures can be downloaded and printed for free.

Choose picture and click on it. Color the picture to your liking by using the mouse or by tapping on the screen of your mobile device.

Blue tools:
"Bucket" - fills the area with the color selected in the palette;
"Pipette" - allows you to select a color not from the palette, but from the picture;
"Magnifying glass with a plus" - enlarges the picture;
"Hand" - moves the enlarged picture.

Yellow tools:
"Round arrow" - cancels the last fill;
"Magnifying glass with a square" - cancels the magnification of the picture.

By clicking on the camera icon, you can download a colorized picture.
The button with a broom will clear the page of color.



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