Dinosaurs coloring book

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- The easiest control-press only one button!
- The game in the best tradition of "Zuma"
- Soft and juicy graphics!
- The game is designed for children 6+
- No looping music and frightening sound effects (the game without music and sound effects)
- Vivid and lively example for learning colors and hues in a playful way

The goal of the game is to color the picture with the dinosaur by combining the colors of the balls in a strictly similar color.

What do you mean by similar color?
It means red balloon to red balloon! One ball can not be broken, and you can only if they are two or more in a row!

Play by pressing only one button hitting the ball of the right color in the other balls and that's it!

And most importantly, paint the whole picture bringing your dinosaur to life!



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