Digit Shooter

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Collect the largest amount of money and complete all levels!
The game is suitable for those who want to relax right now

Digit Shooter is a casual runner in which you have to test your reaction and dexterity. The goal of the game is to guide your money number through an endless maze of obstacles, collecting rubles along the way to save more money and smash all the obstacles after the finish line to earn even more!

Manage your money number as you make your way through many levels, shoot obstacles to become even stronger.

Time to test your dexterity and strategic thinking in this unique and addictive game!

➡️ Controls
Manage with a swipe on the screen of a mobile phone or with a mouse on a computer.

Move left and right, dodging traps and shooting lots of money on the way.

➡️ Gameplay

Get to the finish line with the maximum possible amount of money
Shoot for rubles on your way, save up a large sum of money

At the finish line, you will find many columns to destroy!



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