Diamond Rush 2

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Just like in Diamond Rush, you beat the clock and destroy as many jewels as possible. But this time you have up to 5 Planets to discover and 15 Levels to beat. The further you go, the harder it gets, so achieve the highest combo possible! Plan ahead and become a true Jewel maniac in Diamond Rush 2!

In Diamond Rush 2, the only thing you need to do, is to swipe jewels to match at least three of the same color. The higher, he better! Each amount higher than three gives you different special jewels.
Four in a row gives you a bomb jewel that explodes when being combined with others of the same color. Five will give you an universal super awesome mega jewel, which can destroy any jewel of one color on the whole playfield. Just swipe it with a colored jewel you want to destroy. When you swipe and destroy jewels in an "L" or "T" Shape, you get a electro jewel, which will destroy every jewel in a cross shape.



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