Defend Base! 3D

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Protect the Base! 3D is the best tower defense game ever.
You must show ingenuity and strategic skills to hold back the onslaught of the enemy!

The player must be able to allocate the budget of the army, give preference to the most needed weapons at the moment, correctly build a line of defense, upgrade and sell guns.

Stunning graphics, amazing music, varied gameplay will make you feel like a fearless army general.

The game has simple and clear controls (see "How to play"), which even a child can figure out

The essence of the game is to survive a certain number of waves, each wave differs from the previous one in the type of enemy and the number of enemies.
◉Camera - W/A/S/D or move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen.
○The game has a store (bottom), to buy weapons, click on the icon and then on the place in
where you want to position it.

○All weapons in the game have 3 upgrade levels, to upgrade a gun - click on it and
select "UP". In the same way, weapons can be sold, just select "Sell".

○All weapons are divided into 3 types:
◈Turrets (fast and cheap),
◈Rocket launchers (deal high area damage, but useless against aircraft),
◈Lasers (the most expensive and effective weapons, high damage, slowdown



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