Cute Tiger Cub Care

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Everyone knows that the symbol of this year is the Blue Water Tiger! The blue color symbolizes impermanence, water is movement, and the tiger is one of the most unpredictable and energetic animals. Therefore, those people who are not afraid of changes, lead an active lifestyle and like to be constantly on the move will be on the horse. In traditional Chinese astrology, the Water Tiger is a big fan of purposeful and hardworking people. Let's help this year's mascot - a cute tiger cub. He's a little sick. We need to cure him and prepare him for the new active year! Choose cute outfits and accessories for the tiger cub so that he pleases his fans all year round!

The tiger is a symbol of the coming year according to the Eastern calendar. But our tiger cub is not up to the holiday - he got sick. Help the tiger cub recover from a cold, and also clean and change the striped pet into a festive outfit. Depending on the gaming device, a click of a computer mouse or a simple touch on touch screens is used for control.



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