Crowd Lumberjack Stickman

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Crowd of Lumberjacks Stickman is a game in which you will need to grab an ax and start working! Gather as many lazy lumberjacks into your team as possible, start building houses and buildings on the island! Control the crowd and cut trees. Build an amazing city and explore the island.
Ready? Then it's time to start cutting and building!

Start the game solo and gather a horde of lumberjacks as you progress through the levels. Become an energetic mob of lumberjacks on the island. Only the strongest and most assembled team will be able to cut down a large forest and build a city.

Unite all lumberjacks on the island, improve their skills. The stronger and faster lumberjacks, the more work they have on the island.

Game Features:

- Addictive gameplay
- Easy one-hand operation
- Attractive hyper-casual graphics
- Opportunities to develop the skills of lazy lumberjacks
- Unlimited building time
- Nice bonuses and rewards

Purpose of the game:
Gather a crowd, chop trees, collect wood and rebuild houses on the island.

On the PC - press the left mouse button and lead the crowd in the right direction.
On a mobile device - tap the screen and lead the crowd in the right direction.



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