Crime Racer

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Crime Racer - Thirst for speed and adrenaline - that's what drives the main character in this game. A trip on a flat track at high speeds among dense traffic of other cars will give you a lot of unforgettable sensations.
There are several different modes, many cars to buy, improve and upgrade. Earn money and buy new "devices", improve them and get even more vivid emotions with new technology.

Select the desired mode, track and go, gain as much speed as possible and be fast but careful on the road!

WASD - auto control,
spacebar - brake,
Q - left turn signal,
E - right turn signal,
Z - both turn signals,
F - nitro,
left Shift - upshift,
left Ctrl - downshift,
i - turn off / turn on the engine,
L - high beam,
G - signal,
C - change camera.



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