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Crazy game is similar to Minecraft with a top view like in agario.

The main task is to fight real opponents in an attempt to become the biggest and toughest player.

To do this, you have to defeat opponents and bosses, collect diamonds and apples that appear on the map. Diamonds give you more experience than apples, but apples restore your health.

Rivals can be blown up, shot with a bow, attacked with a sword to take their diamonds for yourself.

By gaining mass, you slow down a bit and become more vulnerable to attacks from fast and small opponents. Therefore, the hunting season quickly opens for the Top player. So the more diamonds you collect, the sharper the battle becomes!

By the way, be careful, you can get blown up by your dynamite!

Your character follows your mouse cursor.

Attack - LMB
Acceleration - RMB
Stop - Space
Write to chat - Enter
Pick up item - E
Mount moba - F

The game never ends, the winner is the one who lasts the longest in the top!



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