Crazy shopper

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Shopping can be not only a trivial pastime, but also a very difficult, exciting and fun activity, especially if you have to collect a food basket at speed!
The game will not leave indifferent those who want to spend time not only interesting, but also usefully. In addition to the amusing process, players also have the opportunity to pump their intellectual abilities and become the best among the best.

In the "Crazy Shopper", players need to collect an order from the store. The order is displayed on a special board, guided by which, the corresponding goods should fall into the basket. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the basket needs to be filled in a limited time.
In each subsequent level, the number of products increases, and the time for finding and collecting products decreases.

Train and win, hone your attention and speed, thereby increasing the skill level in the "Crazy Shopper", because the most successful player will take the top position in the game rating!

You have to collect the orders that are displayed on the board by clicking on the same item on the shelves, choose one of the interesting game modes:

- Collect the order that pops up on the board
- Gradually increasing the complexity of levels
- Large number of levels
- No time limit

- Collect orders as fast as possible, which are shown on the board
- You have one minute to collect the orders, for each order you collect extra time and points.
- Get as many points as you can after the time and show off the result!

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