Crash Test and Car Crash Simulator

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Realistic car crash simulator. Drive cars down the slopes and smash them into pieces. Destroy and tear down everything around you. Get the car off a cliff and watch it crash!
Take control of the time - enable slow motion at any time and watch the destruction for longer period of time.
Free camera allows you to see the car crash from a different angle. Inspect car accidents with it.

Take control of any car in this Destruction Sandbox with destructible environment and collapsable buildings.

- Realistic car deformation physics
- Beautiful 3D graphics
- Realistic car driving
- Detailed car damage system
- Various cars
- Various maps

TAB - pause menu. Or Escape 2 times.
U - Free Camera!
K - restore car.
B - slow motion.
N - car selection.

W (forward), S (backward), A (left), D (right).
Space bar - handbrake.
Shift - nitro.
C - camera change.
The rest is through the game interface.

For mobile devices, use the game interface.

The goal of the game: just drive and crash cars as you like ;)



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