Colsword - Logic brain games

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"Colsword" is an interesting free puzzle game that will provide you with a lot of tricky puzzles, brain games and different puzzles that will test your brain to the fullest. Do you want to know your IQ level? Download the game for free and brain out!

The game will determine your ability to think logically, test your reflexes, accuracy, memory and creativity.
Color the desired squares with magic swords. The game is somewhat reminiscent of a coloring, only here you need to use your brain and logic.

We offer a unique experience with creative thinking and diverse solutions. Many levels, logic puzzles, puzzles for the brain, all this is waiting for you in our game. Blast your brain with Colsword and show who's the smartest here!

Logic puzzle game in which you have to paint the cubes in the desired sequence using your colored magic swords.



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