Clicker Hero: Avengers

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Playing as an unnamed hero, you should save this world from every threat that you consider a threat, whether it's a builder who prevents you from sleeping or a person who just walks around in a mask and you didn't like him. You have magic that will help you destroy this world!

How to play?
In the beginning it will be difficult, but there is always magic and potions, with magic you can do a lot of damage, but spending mana (mp), and when it ends, you should drink potions to replenish mana.
To win, you just need to click (click on the screen), thereby causing damage to enemies.
When you accumulate a certain amount of gold, you can buy additional damage per click, causing even more damage, as well as pump up the amount of health(hp) or mana(mp).

There are different types of magic in the game:
- Fireball - deals heavy damage to the enemy
- Regeneration - you slowly restore your health
- Shields - are able to repel enemy attacks
- Freeze - stops time
- Fire - deals fire damage




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