Christmas tree. New Year 2023

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Every year we look forward to the New Year. This holiday brings only good and hope for the best, and many more gifts. Start preparing for your favorite holiday right now.
Help decorate the clearing at the North Pole.
Decorate the main character of this holiday - Christmas tree!
Build a snowman and build a gingerbread town.
This is just the beginning. A lot of interesting pre-New Year entertainment is waiting for you now. Set up fairy dust production or go on expeditions with your deer. Try your luck in the prize wheel and open the desired gifts. You have a whole New Year's meadow at your disposal, and it's up to you to decide how to decorate it. Buy Christmas toys and decorations. Make your New Year's meadow the most beautiful!

Welcome to our new year game! Get in the Christmas mood! Looking forward to the holidays together.

Upgrade objects in your New Year's meadow. In order to improve them, just click on the desired object. To improve objects, you need fairy dust.

Magic pollen can be obtained in a variety of ways:
- as a gift from the meadow;
- in production;
- found in gifts;
- get in the prize wheel;
- send your deer on an expedition;
- buy for gold coins.

Production - Produces pollen and icicles. Completed within a specified period. The filling speed depends on the level of objects in your clearing. Do not forget to regularly take resources from production.

Expedition - drive a reindeer team on an expedition. Help them collect as much fairy dust as possible. Do not crash into obstacles and birds, because the team will be damaged.

Magic workshop - in the magic workshop you can collect the necessary items to improve objects in the clearing. In the magic workshop, you need to combine the same items in the "merge" type of game.

Good luck !



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