Characters: Quiz Collection

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In the quiz "Characters: Quiz Collection" you have to check how well you know the characters from the game Genshin Impact.

Guess the characters on five topics:
• silhouettes
• eyes
• hairstyles
• weapons
• name cards.

Answer the questions and compete with your friends. Make as few mistakes as possible to achieve maximum results.

Select a quiz and choose one of the four answer options.

Your health scale is displayed on top. When choosing the wrong answer, the health scale decreases, and when choosing the right one, it increases. If the health scale is empty, you will have to start from the beginning.

After you have given the correct answer to all the questions, a new quiz will be available to you.

As soon as you pass five quizzes, the last and most difficult quiz will open to you, which contains questions on all previous topics but a large number.



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