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Cute and fluffy cats collecting rolls, what could be better? There are 3 exciting modes waiting for you in the game: Single, endless, together! Each mode is interesting in its own way and will suit any player. Simple controls, beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay and cute kittens. You can challenge yourself or compete with your friends. Dangerous traps and dynamic gameplay will not let you get bored! And pleasant and rhythmic music will help you focus on collecting! Rather, help the cat to collect as many rolls as possible!

Your goal is very simple and clear - to collect as many rolls as possible. There are different rules for different modes.
In single player mode and two-person mode, the task is to collect as many rolls as possible in the allotted time, trying not to fall into traps. Whoever collected more won!
In infinite mode, your task remains the same, but you get lives instead of time, and traps do not just take away points, but take lives.
The controls are not complicated and are enclosed in 5 buttons, and in order to accurately understand the controls and the rest, the game provides training.



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