Casino Tycoon: Idle Manager

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the millionaire business manager of a grand casino? Become an entrepreneurial capitalist tycoon and manage all of your idle profits. Earn enough money and cash to become a rich businessman! Play one of the best idle manager simulation games now!

Build your own casino kingdom, buy machines and upgrade them, earn more and become a billionaire.

Buy new chips, collect money and expand your casino!

Have you ever wanted a business that thrives? This dream can come true in this game. All you have to do is collect chips and turn them into money and grow your casino kingdom. Become a casino tycoon by building your casino and improving your idle profit!
Expand your rooms & give your casino a boost when it's needed!

Experience beautiful 3D casino rooms! Manage your rooms to increase your idle income. Get idle cash at all times, even when you are offline. Profit from a smart venture to boost your economy.

Build your own casino. Recycle boxes into chips or cards, then take them to tables and slot machines and get money. With the accumulated money, you can improve or buy new tables or slot machines.

You need to buy any of the machines in the launch hall, after which you need to buy a worker who makes chips and cards, he is in a room with boxes and two conveyors.



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