Car Wash Simulator

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Welcome to the game "Car Wash Simulator"! In this game, you will become a professional car washer and ensure impeccable cleanliness for your customers' vehicles.

You start the game with a simple sponge for washing cars, but as you progress through the levels, you have the opportunity to buy new equipment such as a high-pressure washer or an automatic car wash to make the washing process more efficient.

However, don't forget to keep an eye on your water usage and pay your bills, otherwise you risk losing your business. In addition, cars arrive at the car wash in turn, so you need to work quickly and efficiently to satisfy all of your customers.

Use your skills and experience to become the best car washer in town!

In the game you just need to wash cars, monitor water consumption, buy new equipment and just wash cars!

Game control:
WASD - Move
Space - Jump
Escape - Pause
I - Shop
P - Add money
E - Use

Mobile management is supported.



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