Capture the Territory

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Capture the Territory is a real-time strategy game with tactical elements in which you need to capture the bases/territories.

Capture free territories and the territories of your foes, block their progression, attack their bases and protect yours. Upgrade your stats to stay competitive with your enemies or even surpass them.

Bring your army to win in this legendary battle and become the lord of all the territories.

You can either use mouse or touchscreen to play.

Click/tap on one of your territories and keep pressing it while moving the cursor or your finger over to the target territory, either free or occupied by your enemy, which you want to capture. Release the mouse/finger over that territory in order to send your units there to attack and make the land yours or reinforce it in case that territory is owned by the player.

Receive coins for successful accomplishment of the levels and upgrade your stats in order to be stronger than your enemies.



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